Sunday, November 23, 2008

Push-Ups: The New Fitness Nirvana

"Move over yoga, your competition has finally arrived," says Ted Skup, the new Dalai Lama of fitness. When it comes to harmonizing the body, mind and spirit, push-ups (not yoga) are fast becoming the fitness nirvana of choice. With some yoga instructors now charging $2,500 for a 30-day workout program, it's no wonder people are looking for a cheaper alternative -- like free! "Why should I pay some yogi $2,500 to help me become more flexible when I could go to Toys 'R' Us and buy the Twister game for $13.95?" laughs Skup. Right hand on red, left foot on blue.

"We have the making of a new cult following, gravitating towards push- ups," says the new fitness Dalai and author of the book "Death, Taxes & Push- Ups."

Skup is an authority on his subject, deciding to write his book only after officially doing more than 10 million push-ups. "My book is the first and only book ever dedicated entirely to the most explosive exercise on the planet -- push-ups!" he says.

Push-ups have always been perceived as a warm-up exercise until now.
"This is not just an exercise, but a fitness lifestyle," Skup says. "My routines and formulas work wonders for men, women and even children of any fitness level. You'll soon find out why I call my push-up routine'Horizontal Jogging.'"

Skup goes on to say, "As a new Dalai and spiritual leader in the fitness movement, I have a moral obligation to go after the 35-billion-dollar fitness industry." In his book he explains why the industry is clearly failing us with its bogus claims, magic bullets and quick fixes. Although the fitness industry may not want to hear it, push-ups are free, require no equipment, are totally portable, and there are no gimmicks. They work for busy executives as well as people with tight budgets.

Ted Skup is announcing today that along with his book he is not only taking this push-up revolution nationally, he's going global!

Skup's definition of good health is having a sense of well-being, and "Death, Taxes & Push-Ups" will be your guide to reaching that goal.


OldPusher said...

I used to do a circuit of bodyweight exercises, including situps, side bends, deep knee bends, etc. along with some pushups. The deep knee bends started to bother my knees, and the situps started to hurt my back. Now I do only pushups and some walking, and I have never felt better in a long, long time. I am 68 years old, and Ted's pushup program has sent me back in time, like a time machine, to a younger, more energetic me!

OldPusher said...

I vary my pushups routine by having "hard" and "easy" days. Some days I crank out ten sets of 50 reps, other days 20 sets of 20 reps, other days I pyramid by doing sets of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 50 40, 30, 20, 10 reps. I have fun with my pushups, never doing the same routine twice in a row. This keeps me fresh and energized. You might want to give this a try.