Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Death, Taxes and Pushups: Top Ten Reasons Why Push-Ups Are The Most Dynamic Exercise Ever

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, 'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.' Two hundred years later, Ted Skup adds one additional certainty: push-ups. In Death, Taxes, and Push-ups, Skup confesses his secret obsession with the exercise and how it transformed him into a 'lean, mean, pushing machine.' He contends that with fitness levels at an all-time low, fitness should be a national priority. He also shows that the most important element in becoming and staying fit is consistency, which is achieved through a fitness program that you can perform anytime or anyplace. You have an arsenal of exercise options at your disposal, and push-ups are the ultimate choice.

Skup also takes on the 35-billion-dollar fitness industry and explains why it is failing us, with its bogus claims, magic bullets, and quick fixes. Although the fitness industry may not want to hear it, push-ups are free no equipment, no gimmicks and totally portable. They work for busy executives as well as people with tight budgets. The definition of good health is a sense of well-being, and Death, Taxes and Push-ups will be your guide to reaching that goal.

Top Ten Reasons Push-ups Are the Most Dynamic Exercise Ever.

  • work most major muscle groups.
  • are free! No start up costs.
  • can be done anywhere--total portability.
  • have lowest risk of injury.
  • solve time management issues
  • are key to weight management
  • maintain a healthy heart and body
  • are not just an exercise, but a fitness lifestyle
  • are a simple and basic exercise with dramatic results
  • are addicting and fun


OldPusher said...

I am amazed that someone hasn't written a book like Ted's long ago, as pushups are an ancient exercise back to the time of the Romans at least, and have been used by the military for ages. The genius of Death Taxes And Pushups is that the simple pushup has been taken to its proper level, a complete workout in one great exercise.

OldPusher said...

I keep telling everyone to come to this site and see why I am so enthusiastic about Ted's program. I have tried many programs in the past with mixed results. I have never gotten the results that I have received from this program in such a short time, and in the comfort of my own home, or wherever I go, because "my gym" is always with me!

Anonymous said...

thank you for starting a revolution...very Beatles-esque of you...

questions - 1. are push ups a complete enough leg work out? 2. what about biceps and lats? 3. i know you do them everyday but what about everyone who says you need a day of rest?

i'm a 36 year old guy in decent shape but i'm always looking for the right "way" - and maybe the simple pushup is the way - thank you - gabe :) - you can email me at

Bob said...

I wonder if Ted Skup ever did pushups on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as he said he would like to in his book?