Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pushups: 'The Global Revolution'

How do you start a revolution? First you have to have a leader that asks himself the most important question, "What am I going to make of this world?" This leader's requisites are: 1. Keep an open mind, 2. Find a new path, 3. Disregard the word defeat. Question: Where would this world be without revolutionaries from the past, like Thomas Jefferson, Ghandi, and Martin Luther, each of whom paved the way for millions. Today we have people stepping up to "fight the good fight." Whether it's Ralph Nader or Michael Moore, the battle cry remains the same, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore."

Abox Publishing is declaring the start of the "Push-up Revolution" with Ted Skup's new book, "Death, Taxes & Push-Ups." He says, "As a revolutionist, my nature draws me to challenge everything the fitness industry dishes out."

Skup, an authority on push-ups, decided to write his book only after officially doing more than 10 million. "My book is the first and only book ever dedicated entirely to the most explosive exercise on earth -- push-ups!" he says.

Push-ups have always been perceived as a warm-up exercise until now. "This is not just an exercise, but a fitness lifestyle," Skup says. "My routines and formulas work wonders for men, women, and even children of any fitness level. You'll soon find out why I call my push-up routines 'Horizontal Jogging.'"

Skup goes on to say: "As the leader of the 'Push-up Revolution' it's my obligation to go after the 35 billion-dollar fitness industry." In his book he explains why the industry is clearly failing us with its bogus claims, magic bullets, and quick fixes. Although the fitness industry may not want to hear it, push-ups are free, require no equipment, are totally portable, and there are no gimmicks. They work for busy executives as well as people with tight budgets.

Just like Luke Skywalker who took on the Evil Empire, Ted Skup is announcing today that he and his militia of minutemen will take on the fitness industry by doing push-ups on every battlefield.

Skup's definition of good health is having a sense of well-being, and "Death, Taxes & Push-Ups" will be your guide to reaching that goal.

Book now available in bookstores and on

Abox Publishing
P.O. Box 684
Schererville, IN 46375


OldPusher said...

What a revolution! Not a political revolution, but a revolution dedicated to getting people to concentrate on their greatest wealth-their health! I have gotten my 8 year old grandson into doing pushups, and he really likes doing them, and is telling all his friends to get with it! The revolution is gaining steam!

PushupMan said...

What a revolution! Not a political revolution, but a revolution of exercise and health! I have my grandson doing pushups, and he loves them, and is telling all his friends to "get on board". The revolution is gaining steam!

Dave Elger said...

nice! I am a marathoner and fan of body wt exercise such as pushups. I'll post this book on my site-
have you seen this one?

OldPusher said...

I've seen that site, and it's great if you just want to build up to doing 100 pushups for one time. Ted's program is a slow but sure way to build up to doing ten sets of 100 reps, for lifelong health and fitness.

OldPusher said...

I have been doing my pushups in increments throughout the day GTG, grease the groove style, rather than trying to do all my pushups in one hour, and this is working out pretty good for an oldtimer like myself.